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Trust Abbott Septic for Reliable Septic Pumping, Repair & Installation Services in Fallbrook, Deluz, Rainbow, Bonsall, Pala & Surrounding Areas

For North San Diego County's best value in septic services, call Abbott Septic Service. We've been serving residents throughout Fallbrook, Deluz, De Luz Heights, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, and surrounding communities since 1948. Over the years, our locally owned and operated septic company has pumped more than 50,000 septic tanks for more than 12,000 satisfied clients, and become known for our high-quality workmanship, fair rates, and excellent customer service. As a testament to our superior service, we receive between 60 and 70% of our business from returning clients and referrals.

Our employees are septic system experts. They have an average of 20 years of experience, and many of them are certified by the PSAI (Portable Sanitation Association International) and NAWT (National Association of Wastewater Technicians). You can rely on our team to provide any of the following septic tank services:

  • Septic tank locating
  • Septic tank pumping/cleaning
  • Septic tank and drainfield repair
  • Septic tank replacement
  • Septic system modification
  • Septic tank installation
  • Septic tank riser and lid installation
  • Septic tank certificates of inspection

All of our work is done to code, and we can handle any permits and health department inspections. Additionally, we stand behind the quality of our installations and repairs with a one-year warranty.

Call Abbott Septic Service today for all your septic tank needs in Fallbrook, Deluz, De Luz Heights, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, Pala Mesa, and surrounding areas in North San Diego County. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we have staff who are bilingual in English and Spanish.

Your Best Choice for Thorough Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning Services in Fallbrook, Deluz, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, Pala Mesa & Surrounding Communities in North San Diego County

Abbott Septic Service provides competitively priced, thorough septic tank pumping to residents of Pala, Rainbow, Fallbrook, Deluz, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, Pala Mesa, and surrounding areas. Our septic tank pumping service includes removal of all liquid waste and sludge, giving you the most complete septic tank cleaning possible. With a thorough pumping of your tank, you can feel confident that your tank was fully emptied, which promotes optimum functionality of your system for up to three years. While on site, we will also visually inspect the system to look for any obvious signs of trouble or failure. We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable septic tank pumpers in San Diego County, who are skilled at identifying a wide range of potential problems early. Call today to schedule service.

Septic Tank Tank Locating & Digging Services in North San Diego County, California, Including Deluz, Fallbrook, Rainbow and Bonsall

Using the latest electronic location equipment, the professionals at Abbott Septic Service are highly successful at finding septic tanks, even when buried under 20 feet of dirt or hidden beneath homes, pools, and other structures. Our septic tank location service is available throughout Fallbrook, Deluz, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, and Pala Mesa, and we charge a fair hourly rate. Once a tank is found, we'll document its location. We can also dig it up and add a riser for easier access in the future. Call today to schedule septic tank locating service in North San Diego County.

Septic Tank Repair Services | Fallbrook, Deluz, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, Pala Mesa & Surrounding Areas

Wet spots, effluent, odors, and plumbing backups/issues are all warning signs that your septic system may be in need of repair. The professionals at Abbott Septic are all thoroughly trained and skilled at identifying these signs of trouble, and can investigate further to accurately diagnose the source of the problem, typically by digging up the tank. Once extracted, the tank as well as drain fields can be thoroughly checked and tested. We can perform any needed septic tank repairs, including:

  • Septic tank deck repair
  • Leach field repair
  • Leaching chamber infiltrator repair
  • Rock and pipe leach line repair
  • Seepage pit repair
  • Baffles repair
  • Inlet/outlet fittings repair
  • Lid and riser repair/replacement

All of our septic tank repairs are competitively priced, done to code, and backed by a one-year guarantee. The only jobs we don't handle are those inside the home, which generally require a plumber or qualified contractor. Call today to schedule an appointment for septic tank repair services in Fallbrook, De Luz, Heights, Deluz, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, Pala Mesa, or other community in North San Diego County. If we've exhausted all options and found that your tank can't be repaired, only then will we recommend septic tank replacement.

Septic System Installation in Fallbrook, Rainbow, Pala, Hidden Meadows, and Bonsall

Abbott Septic Service is the best choice for septic system installation and replacement in San Diego County. We're a licensed general engineering contractor with decades of experience and an excellent track record for designing and installing septic tank systems that are long lasting, durable, and reliable. We specialize in fiberglass and concrete septic tank systems and have the capacity to perform all excavating, grading, leveling, trenching, pipe laying, and backfilling necessary to complete the installation of your septic tank and drainfield. As part of our service, we also handle all permits and health department inspections. All septic tank installations and replacements are done to code and backed by a one-year warranty. We can also install additional leach lines and seepage pits for room additions. Call today to schedule an on-site consultation. We offer free quotes for new construction septic system installation projects in Fallbrook, Rainbow, Pala, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, and surrounding areas.

Septic Tank Certificate of Inspection, Fallbrook, Pala, Bonsall, Rainbow & Surrounding Communities

At Abbott Septic Service, we are readily available to perform the testing and inspection needed to assess the structural integrity and functionality of septic tank systems in Fallbrook, Deluz, Rainbow, Pala, Valley Center, Hidden Meadows, Bonsall, Winterwarm, Pala Mesa, and surrounding areas. Septic tank inspections are performed by our own experienced industry experts, many of whom are PSAI and NAWT certified. We're available on short notice and can provide a quick turnaround if the septic tank is easy to find and accessible. Once we perform a visual inspection of the tank and complete a 20-minute water test, we document our findings and issue an official certificate of inspection. If we determine that further testing is needed, we will refer you to a qualified general contractor to perform a more in-depth investigation. Call now to schedule a septic tank inspection.

We Provide Septic Tank Service In & Near All of the Following Communities
  • Fallbrook, CA
  • Deluz, CA
  • De Luz Heights, CA
  • Rainbow, CA
  • Ranchita, CA
  • Warner Springs, CA
  • Borrego Springs, CA
  • Puerta La Cruz, CA
  • Pala, CA
  • Winterwarm, CA
  • Camp Pendleton, CA
  • Tri-City, CA
  • Vista, CA
  • Ivey Ranch/Rancho Del Oro, CA
  • Rincon del Diablo, CA
  • Pala Mesa, CA
  • Lilac, CA
  • Bonsall, CA
  • Hidden Meadows, CA
  • Oceanside, CA
  • Carlsbad, CA
  • Pauma Valley, CA
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Abbott pumped our septic tank, but there was a foul smell afterwards. Turns out our tank lids were loose. They came back and sealed our lids down so that the smell is gone. The guys that came out were really nice and friendly, and they fully explained what was going on. Based on this interaction, I would recommend this outfit. 5 stars for today's service call.

Axel K., Hilo, HI Via Yelp Testimonial

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